Fearless (Episode 1.2, 2.1)

Star Trek Fearless Episode 1.2 Starfleet Academy graduation, though a momentous affair for students, had become more a matter of habit for instructors and the academy commandant Menendez. Cadence could feel his boredom, hear the excitement in his voice was forced, and she was grateful when he pinned her bars to her uniform, saluted and … More Fearless (Episode 1.2, 2.1)

Highwaymen (WiP)

Highwaymen (working title) Book One: Roswell Copyright 2017 Skye Knizley (Do Not Share) In 1973, the gas crisis began. The United States started to crumble under the weight of failing industry and starving power plants. A drought of epic proportions followed and sent the country spiraling into a dustbowl of starvation, death and disease. President … More Highwaymen (WiP)