Only You Can Change

Just want to point this out, because it’s one of those things, since it pertains to the LGBT community, got swept under the rug. And it isn’t a “political post,” this effects me personally. This is personal, I’m a member of the community, get it?   The Equality Act, a bill to make it illegal … More Only You Can Change

Please Wake Up

The Pledge of Allegiance isn’t patriotism. It’s a sort of brainwashing utilized by fascists on small children because they’d rather we salute a flag than stand up to their growing oligarchy as true patriots would. As long as they keep us distracted by flags and differences, we’ll never notice what they’re doing. Open your eyes. … More Please Wake Up

Ugh. Climate Deniers…

My biggest problem with climate deniers is they usually think they are way smarter than they actually are.   Yo! We as a species have been documenting the weather for about 5000 years. In the US it has been studied for about 200 years. It is a science that involves geology, weather patterns, hundreds of … More Ugh. Climate Deniers…

Stormcry Excerpt

Lady Valentina Tempeste, Mistress of Chicago, Keeper of the Lore, Regent of the Eastern March and Princess of the Sidhe tucked an errant hair behind her ear and took a bite of toast. It was smeared with a thick jam made from blood and sweet strawberries, butter and a touch of molasses. Valentina liked her … More Stormcry Excerpt