So, on a whim I started taking a survey.  Part of it was about who would be a better President (Hillary Clinton, Trump is clearly a psychopath) the rest of it was random questions. But it did tell me something, like for example the only thing I have in common with most Trump supporters is… More Surveys

Harley Quinn?

No. No. No. Harley Quinn was not created to show young women the horror of abusive relationships. You’re a fucking moron. She was originally created as Joker’s sidekick and antithesis for Robin. She appeared in Batman: The Animated Series when I was a kid, it was her first appearance and, frankly, most girls my age… More Harley Quinn?

Suicide Squad Review

I saw Suicide Squad over the weekend. My question for the critics who didn’t like it, what movie did you watch and what comics do you read? I really enjoyed the movie. The characterizations were good, especially Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Flagg, the sets were decent and the script was very comic-booky, which is something… More Suicide Squad Review

Winter Cove Preview

(unedited preview copyright Skye Knizley 2016.) “Dear God, what have we done?” The lab was bathed in darkness, lit only by pulsing red emergency lights and dying computer screens that flickered and rolled crazily.  James Drewe tossed his bloodstained lab coat aside and stared at the few screens that weren’t useless.  They couldn’t be right, he… More Winter Cove Preview

Stormrise Hit #1

A few weeks ago my first novel, Stormrise, was admitted into a promotional program that, well it is almost impossible to get accepted.  There are authors who have tried for years who never get admitted into the program.  I was both surprised and humbled by Stormrise being accepted. Shortly after the promotion began, Stormrise started to climb,… More Stormrise Hit #1