Winter Cove Prologue

Prologue: At an Undisclosed Location “Dear God, what have we done?” The lab was bathed in darkness, lit only by pulsing red emergency lights and dying computer screens that flickered and rolled crazily. James Drewe tossed his bloodstained lab coat aside and stared at the few screens that weren’t useless. They couldn’t be right, he … More Winter Cove Prologue


Chapter One Rain and sleet streamed in rivulets down the leaded glass window of Tempeste Manor, making a sound like fingernails tapping on marble.   Lightning flashed and thunder rolled; the light briefly illuminating the lawn below where the winter storm was rapidly washing away the slurry of ash and blood that had once been a … More STORMRAGE SECOND EDITION


When a woman, her face cut off and her body defiled, is found dead at the edge of The Dark, the case is assigned to Special Agent Raven Storm of Section 13. The victim, a vacationing lawyer named Domino Carmichael, lived a normal life. She worked as a public defender, kept her nose clean and … More NIGHTRAVEN

You matter

You. Yes, you. I know you’re struggling. I know shit gets hard and you don’t know what to do. Everything is fucked and people suck. But I love you and I’ll make you a deal. If you keep moving forward through another day, so will I. You matter so much more than you know. Believe … More You matter