I get asked all the time for writing advice.  Generally, I don’t answer.  There is no magic bullet, no guaranteed path to success and, frankly, the way I do things is completely contrary to what a lot of my successful author friends tell their readers.  I do what works for me, what is true to … More Worldbuilding

Wounds and Love

This country is wounded. Its divided and I don’t just mean the election. All the election has done is show us just how far apart we’ve grown. I’m guilty. I’ve lived in many small towns and a variety of cities. I prefer cities, where there are more LGBT people. Where I can practice my religion … More Wounds and Love

Introducing Angel

Cry Havoc: A Story of the Angel Diaries. October 31 Dear Diary. Tonight started out as just a normal vamp-hunt.  It went like you’d expect, I put the skeeter back in the ground and released an innocent soul from hell.  But then I went to this party… Angel unwrapped a piece of bubblegum and popped … More Introducing Angel


Book 8 of the Storm Chronicles is Live Prologue:  1887 Quell Street, Seattle, WA Music thudded through speakers so big they could have housed a family of four, if they were friendly and didn’t mind going deaf in a matter of seconds.  The bass made Raven Storm’s teeth ache as she made her way across … More NIGHTRAVEN is LIVE

Winter Cove Prologue

Prologue: At an Undisclosed Location “Dear God, what have we done?” The lab was bathed in darkness, lit only by pulsing red emergency lights and dying computer screens that flickered and rolled crazily. James Drewe tossed his bloodstained lab coat aside and stared at the few screens that weren’t useless. They couldn’t be right, he … More Winter Cove Prologue


Chapter One Rain and sleet streamed in rivulets down the leaded glass window of Tempeste Manor, making a sound like fingernails tapping on marble.   Lightning flashed and thunder rolled; the light briefly illuminating the lawn below where the winter storm was rapidly washing away the slurry of ash and blood that had once been a … More STORMRAGE SECOND EDITION


When a woman, her face cut off and her body defiled, is found dead at the edge of The Dark, the case is assigned to Special Agent Raven Storm of Section 13. The victim, a vacationing lawyer named Domino Carmichael, lived a normal life. She worked as a public defender, kept her nose clean and … More NIGHTRAVEN