GI Joe for Kindle Worlds

What follows is copyright Skye Knizley. All rights reserved. This is the prologue from a Kindle Worlds project I’m submitting early next year. Hope you enjoy. Prologue: Blackwater Prison, Florida There is a place, a prison, where the worst of the worst are housed. It consists of four wings, each with hardened concrete walls ten … More GI Joe for Kindle Worlds

Short Story from Legends

Legend: Tales of the Wraith You’ve heard of them. The Ghost Corps. Phantom Division. The Red Devils. The Angels. The Suicide Squad. Seal Team Specter. Elite forces that accomplish the impossible, anywhere, any place, any time. Except everyone thinks they’re decommissioned or never existed at all. Legends and ghosts to inspire fear in the enemy, … More Short Story from Legends


As my friend Joel brought up, there are an awful lot of men whining about the #metoo movement, making stupid comments like “its going to be illegal to be attracted to women” and other such pathetic nonsense. Seriously? Have you actually read the #metoo comments or are you just jumping to conclusions? Because I have read the … More #MeToo