Stormcry Excerpt

Lady Valentina Tempeste, Mistress of Chicago, Keeper of the Lore, Regent of the Eastern March and Princess of the Sidhe tucked an errant hair behind her ear and took a bite of toast. It was smeared with a thick jam made from blood and sweet strawberries, butter and a touch of molasses. Valentina liked her … More Stormcry Excerpt

Excuse Me…

Can we stop believing in the Mexican Illegal Immigrant Bogeyman, please? It’s a load of nonsense. Just stop. Very few illegal immigrants come to this country. It is down 47% since 2007. Most of those who are coming don’t come through the Mexican border, it is a flat out lie. The people showing up at … More Excuse Me…

A Line Must Be Drawn

We are at a crossroads as a country. This isn’t politics, this is America’s very soul.   We are locking up children. This is really happening right now on American soil, just a hundred miles from where I am. This isn’t fake news, this isn’t pretend, this isn’t politics. This is really happening. We are … More A Line Must Be Drawn

Jynx and Piper Kane

Every now and then a corollary gets drawn between Jynx and Piper and the CWs long-running monster-hunting show. Just to set the record straight. Again. Mainly because it annoys the crap out of me. Jynx and Piper were conceived several years before Supernatural became a show, back in 2001. Supernatural didn’t become a series until … More Jynx and Piper Kane