The Storm Chronicles Series

Hey guys, just a quick word. The Storm Chronicles consists of eleven books: Stormrise Stormrage Aspen (technically the seventh published book) Fresh Blood (novella starring Jynx Kane) Stormwind Shadowstorm Raven Storm (Aspen Published here) Nightraven Stormfront Deadly Storm The novel Requiem is set in the same world 150 years before and stars Chastity and Inspector … More The Storm Chronicles Series

Coming December 1st

The Yuletide holiday approaches, and Special Agent Raven Storm is looking forward to spending the holiday with her fiancée Aspen Kincaid and their closest friends. They’ve decorated a tree and stockings are hung by the chimney with care for the first time in decades. When the body of Jensen Murphy, a lycan, is found with … More Coming December 1st

GI Joe for Kindle Worlds

What follows is copyright Skye Knizley. All rights reserved. This is the prologue from a Kindle Worlds project I’m submitting early next year. Hope you enjoy. Prologue: Blackwater Prison, Florida There is a place, a prison, where the worst of the worst are housed. It consists of four wings, each with hardened concrete walls ten … More GI Joe for Kindle Worlds