Really High Heels

So those of you who know me know I have a shoe fetish… to the Imagepoint that I am frequently referred to as a “shoe whore.”  I have tons of shoes ranging from my comfy old sandals and sneakers to shoes like you see to the left.  Lots of people ask me one of two questions:  1) Why do you wear them or 2) How.

How is easy.  You put them on and off you go.  A lot of women seem to think wearing heels is difficult.  In my opinion, that is all in their head.  Wearing high heels is 90% the belief that you can… and 10% not falling on your face.

Why is a bit more complicated.  I’m a tall woman.  I don’t need the height nor do I need the “status boost” a lot of us of the estrogen set seem to need/get from heels.  I don’t wear them to be taller or because I want to seem prettier than the woman next to me.  That’s just kind of silly.

I think I wear heels because of how they make me feel personally.  I like how my legs look, I like the way they make me walk in a more elegant manner, and I will be totally honest and probably get flamed left and right but I like the way guys hold doors for me and hold my hand going up steps like I am a delicate thing about to topple over.  Let’s face it, that doesn’t happen when I am climbing down Blue Blazed hiking trails in my Columbias or putting arrows in targets 100 yards away.  Its nice to feel and be treated feminine sometimes.  I love my shoes 😉


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