Ghost Hunting

When I am not writing ghost stories or murder mysteries, I am an amateur ghost hunter.  And no, before you ask I don’t do it in heels.  I wear nice comfy jeans, tee and sneaks.  If you’re lucky I might wear a tee that matches what everyone else is wearing.

Anyway, my amateur ghost hunting started out actually watching a television show, and my aggravation with that show.  Though I do believe they occasionally capture something real, they have a huge production team and if you look any of them up om for example IMDB you will find SPECIAL EFFECTS ARTISTS.  What does a true ghost hunting show need with special effects artists?

So, I decided to see if I could find what I knew existed.  I have been on more than twenty five different investigations and on a handful encountered things that I could not explain:  Cold spots five feet off the ground with zero wind speed, shadows that show up where there is no light source to cast them and an EVP of a voice asking me if it was my birthday (made all the more creepy by the fact I was alone, hadn’t used my own name, but the EVP named me specifically.)

The strangest thing I have captured was in my own home.  I decided to do an investigation of my old house because I know I had seen something, something that had spooked a full grown German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky, both animals that are known for their bravery. 

What I caught was a full 40 second infrared video of a shadow man in my living room.  He walked from one corner and passed behind things that were on a table, turned, looked at me, and simply vanished.  In the video you can clearly see he is behind the table but in front of the curtained window.

Say what you like, but I know what I saw and what is immortalized on video.  Our world, our universe, is an amazing place and there is more to it than what we know or believe to be the truth.  Try to keep an open mind, and go find it for yourself 🙂

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