Raven’s World: The Dark

The Dark is an area north of Old Town and located almost centrally within the Windy City. Little is known about The Dark save that it appeared sometime during the reign of the city’s previous vampire Master of the City, Strohm. Some say that the area was darkened by ancient magic, others say it was an electromagnetic pulse set off by scientists working in a hidden laboratory and still others say that the Darkness itself is alive and it simply crawled out of the sewers late one night to gobble up eight square blocks. Any or none of the stories could be true.

What is known is that no electricity works within the Dark and no one with any sanity wanders the Darkened street at night. It is bad enough during the day, when shadows move of their own accord, ancient trees creak and groan though there is no wind, and the sewer grates moan. At night… people vanish, in the truest sense of the word. No sign is ever found of them or their lifeless bodies, and no one knows what happens to them. The police call them unsolved disappearances and file them away. Far away.

Lady Tempest-Strohm has ordered the area avoided and has the borders patrolled by vampire guardians. And even they sometimes vanish into the night…

Author’s Notes for Stormrise
Coming 10/31/13

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