Dark Night Conclusion

The tall woman ground her teeth and stared at the figure, who was clenching and unclenching his fists, giving Rachel the impression of a barely caged animal it would only be a moment before he charged.

Rachel was tired of running.  It had been a long night and this shit was starting to get on her nerves.  She stepped closer and called out “leave me alone and find easier prey!”

The man-thing snarled and took a few steps forward, his footfalls heavy on the pavement.  Rachel stood her ground and spread her arms, her eyes looking for anything she could use as a weapon.  Halfway down the steps was a wooden marker, the kind used to mark the edges for snow removal.  Rachel stepped down and pulled the marker.  Holding it in her hand like a sword she approached the larger man. As she got closer he began to move, his arms spreading wide to grab the smaller woman.  Rachel turned sideways and slashed the man across the face, cutting his cheek and knocking his hat askew.  He bellowed in surprise and staggered back, his clawed hand reaching for the blood trickling down his cheek.

“Back off!  I’m going home!  Rachel growled.

The man-thing ignored her and charged.  Rachel attacked with a flurry of blows, stabbing and parrying like Errol Flynn at his best.  The creature took the worst of it but it wasn’t long before the wooden stake broke in the middle.  Screaming, Rachel plunged the remains of the stake into the creature’s chest and ran, clearing the distance to the creature’s truck.  She quickly began rifling through the tools in the bed, looking for anything she could use as a weapon.

Behind her, the creature was keening loudly and pulling the stake from his chest.  He dropped it and put a hand to the gory wound, trying to stop the blood as he staged towards the young woman rifling through his truck.  Rachel had just grabbed a screwdriver when the creature grabbed her from behind.  He backhanded her across the face, splitting her lip and knocking a few teeth lose.  Rachel collapsed from the blow and fell to the ground.  She had enough sense in her addled mind to squirm forward under the relative safety of the truck but a millisecond later the man-thing grabbed her legs and started pulling.  Rachel screamed and kicked, holding on for dear life.  As she slid backwards she rammed the screwdriver upwards, hoping for a handhold.  Something above her punctured and cold liquid splashed down her arm, bringing with it the heavy scent of high octane gasoline. 

At her feet, the creature continued to pull and eventually he dragged Rachel screaming back into the gloom of the streetlights.  Rachel looked up into the blood-caked face of the demonic man and felt some satisfaction that she had at least put up a good fight.

The creature leaned down and opened his shark-tooth filled maw, preparing to tear out Rachel’s throat, but a distant sound stopped him.  A wailing noise known to comfort children the world around; fire trucks.

The creature half turned and snarled at the trucks.  It then looked down at Rachel and whispered “another time, morsel,” before bounding away.

Rachel rolled over, gasping for air, and watched the thing climb into his truck.  The engine coughed to life and the truck began to jerk away… leaving a pool and trail of gasoline.

The tall woman grinned and pulled the zippo from her cleavage.  She lit it and watched the flame burn for a moment, a half smile on her face.

“I don’t think so, asshole,” she said quietly, touching the flame to the pool of gasoline.  “Burn you son of a bitch.”

She watched the flame chase down the street and vanish into the truck.  A moment later the vehicle exploded into a mushroom cloud of flame and parts.

With a sigh Rachel lay down on the pavement and listened to the fire truck, knowing it would soon arrive and everything would be okay.


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