My second novel in the Storm Chronicles series, STORMRAGE was released a day early last night.  In less than twelve hours the book became a bestseller.

I can’t really say how this feels other than to say that I feel wonderful!

Lightning has struck twice and I am absolutely giddy with excitement and the urge to write more and more.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and keeps supporting me.

Thank you sooooo much

In the Windy City, one cop will stand against the darkness.

Darkness should start praying.


2 thoughts on “STORMRAGE

  1. Hello >.<
    Have you started on Stormwind yet?
    I've read both book's in a matter of hours and really liked them.
    How many volumes do you plan to write?
    The best of luck and blessings…

    1. Stormwind has been outlined and is being fleshed out. I am currently working on a second series in the same genre. The first book in that series will possibly debut before Stormwind.

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