A Blog Post?

This morning a dear friend contacted me and said “I want you to write a blog post.”

I said “sure, I’ve got some story ideas, let me whip something up.”

 “No,” she said. “I want you to write about you. People want to know more about the person behind the hair and the books.”

 “Bullshit,” I replied.

 She laughed. “No, they really do.”

Still skeptical I agreed and sat down with coffee, metal and my trusty Alienware. But before I go any further, please remember I am an author of fiction. I write to entertain. But what you are about to read is true… probably… from a certain point of view…


I am the bestselling author of the Storm Chronicles novels Stormrise and Stormrage. I am currently working in a new series called Daughters of Cerberus but no one panic, Raven will be back in Stormwind.

My name really is Skye Knizley. Skye comes from a Scottish Isle where I had ancestors on my mother’s side. The herded sheep, which I believe explains my allergy to wool and lamb.

Knizley is German and is horribly and intentionally misspelled. But it isn’t my fault. My great grandfather came to the United States and wanted to vanish. In fact there is no record of him getting here. He got on a ship in Europe and simply appeared in Florida a couple years later. Evidently he was living up to his name, which was Homer.

 Please don’t use my name to look me up and visit unless you’d like an autograph, have money you want to give me, a movie contract or are selling cookies. I deal harshly with stalkers and have a forensic science degree and police contacts. They won’t find you.

So, once in the states my great grandfather took it upon himself to try and repopulate the earth under a variety of names. For all I know I have dated my own cousin or something.  His efforts resulted in about two dozen kids, one of which was my grandfather who had the incredibly original name of Homer, who begat my father who aided my mother, after several tries, in creating me. They then panicked, broke the mold and tried to put me back but alas, I was here to stay.

My childhood in Florida was… well, interesting. Bullied? Check. In fights? Check. Lousy at any sport not involving a big stick or other weapon? Check. Doing things my parents had no knowledge of? Check. If it wasn’t for my best friend Amy and later my dear friend Dex I probably would have been an introverted little Goth with razor cuts on my arms. Thanks to them I learned to be an odd combination of free spirit and geek. Somehow I turned into a bouncy bubbly attention whore addicted to shoes and Dungeons and Dragons. Odd combo? Check.

 I managed to survive the hell known as high school and graduated with honors. From there I collected a variety of degrees and archery medals but more importantly I experienced a variety of jobs that helped pay for said degrees. I’ve worn orange shorts, worked on cars, modeled, bounced (yes, girls can do that and we’re meaner than the guys) worked in a halfway house, counseled children, appraised cars and a couple other things I don’t talk about. Go dig if you want. They aren’t anything I think is bad, I just don’t talk about it and appreciate it if you leave them alone. Just accept my history included a white Ford with blue lettering and lights.

 A few years ago I had a career-ending accident and went on disability. While recovering I wrote Stormrise and the rest is a sort of open Facebook.

Questions I Get All the Time:

Where did you get the idea for Stormrise? Some friends and I used to play a modern roleplaying game set in Chicago. Raven, then called Rhianna, was my character. I always wanted to write a novel about her, so when I had nothing else to do, I did. All of her back story and places she goes are things I wrote into her character background for the game. I know them very well.

 What was the first thing you wrote? My friend Amy passed away not too long ago. Her passing made me go through some old things and pictures of us. In those things was a sort of story I wrote in second grade about the two of us encountering a rattle snake on her front porch. “It was the biggest snake evar and really did not like it when I poked it with a stick. Amy and me threw oranges (at the snake) until it was gone. Her dad was very mad at us.” Gripping reading but hey I was like seven. I got better.

Are you really bi?   Okay, in a world where people just love to ostracize each other because we aren’t clones, why would I say it if I wasn’t?

Do you really study Wicca? Um… no. Because Wicca and Witches don’t study our religion. We don’t believe the answers come from a book. Anyone who tells you they have found the Wiccan Bible is a liar or an idiot. We practice our religion, usually more often than other people truly practice theirs. That isn’t an opening for a fight, its my opinion. A huge number of us do morning and evening ceremonies to celebrate the God and the Goddess. We have major monthly holidays, weekly moon ceremonies, sun ceremonies, and so on. We also do our very best to enjoy and worship nature, which is the source of our belief.   I think people often forget that nature and the world around us is what is important not all this technological crap. Here is an exercise you can do, it doesn’t matter what your faith is. Turn off the TV, leave your electronic devices (including your calculator watch this isn’t 1985) and go out into the woods until you can no longer hear anything but the wind in the trees, birds chirping, animals in the brush and if you live near the ocean maybe the crash of waves. Now just listen and feel. That warm calm feeling of being part of the world? That’s what life is about.

Can you really kill someone with a napkin? Yes. But is also involves flame and a very patient victim.

Do you ever lose your cool? Only if I am also angry. I have fallen off a stage into someone’s appetizer, had to go to an important meeting barefoot, burned my eyebrows and bangs with a fiery Cheeto and accidentally set fire to table linens at two very nice restaurants. I didn’t lose my cool and no, jumping up and down on a fiery napkin to put it out does not count as losing my cool. It was a public service and I am insulted they banned me. I burned a very nice pair of Choo’s and a pair of Louboutins trying to save their restaurants. And I love my shoes.


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