Top Gear Mustang?

This is outside my normal blog post but I have to say it.

I’ve been watching an episode of Top Gear where the presenter drives a Shelby Mustang in a race against public transport.  He loses, but that isn’t my problem.

This is:
He says that over 70MPH the car shakes, rattles and is not refined.  I’ve owned one, I drive a similar one every day and have for five years.  I call bullshit.  My car had no vibration at all when new and years later still has almost none.  What it does have is my fault (drifting isn’t actually good for cars) not Ford’s.

He says that the fuel tank is small at 13 1/2 gallons.  Um…it has a 15 gallon tank, I fill it up every week and a comparable BMW, Audi or Mercedes is 13-15 gallons with similar fuel consumption based on published figures.

He says the car gets really bad gas mileage but the computer shown is NOT the one on the actual Ford dashboard.  Again, I own one.  Additionally I have gotten my gas mileage up as high as 31 MPG with no drafting.  I’ve gotten 60 behind a tractor trailer.

He says the car won’t go around corners.  But he manages just fine even though he can’t bloody drive.

Look, if you don’t like a car because its American or a muscle car, fine.  But don’t make shit up about the car to make European ones seem better.  The only thing he got right in the road test is that the SYNC system can be the most annoying thing on the planet.  I have yelled at mine, too.


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