A Blog Post?

Recycled 🙂

Beyond Skye

This morning a dear friend contacted me and said “I want you to write a blog post.”

I said “sure, I’ve got some story ideas, let me whip something up.”

 “No,” she said. “I want you to write about you. People want to know more about the person behind the hair and the books.”

 “Bullshit,” I replied.

 She laughed. “No, they really do.”

Still skeptical I agreed and sat down with coffee, metal and my trusty Alienware. But before I go any further, please remember I am an author of fiction. I write to entertain. But what you are about to read is true… probably… from a certain point of view…


I am the bestselling author of the Storm Chronicles novels Stormrise and Stormrage. I am currently working in a new series called Daughters of Cerberus but no one panic, Raven will be back in Stormwind.

My name really…

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