Define Insanity

I think everyone who knows me knows I own weapons. A lot of them. I’ve been training with them most of my adult life, I carry a handgun most every day and carry one professionally.

With that said, there are too many tragedies in this country involving irresponsible weapon owners, poor enforcement of existing laws, stupid laws, lack of laws and stupid, paranoid assholes who shouldn’t be allowed to own a weapon. How many innocent people have to die before we agree that things like training, testing, national permits for weapon owners, national weapon registries and laws that actually mean something are a good idea?

A car is a 3000 pound killing machine. 33000 people are killed and 2 million injured with one each year. It is designed to be a simple method of transport but due to the dangers involved in operating one, we test, license and register every driver and every automobile.

The vast majority of firearms are designed with one purpose: Taking a life. And yes, successful hunting involves taking a life!

Sure, people target shoot for fun and I’ve heard them say they would never purchase a hunting rifle or anything more powerful than a .17 Hornet. Then they get bored and go out and buy a Barrett 50 cal because it is “more challenging.” Sorry, your target practice just became a weapon capable of taking off a human head at 2800 fps at an effective range of 6000 feet. That’s not a target rifle, that’s a sniper rifle.

We license drivers, register automobiles, test people, take licenses away if people are deemed to be unsafe… and throw a hissy fit if someone suggests we do the same with firearms. That are designed to kill.

Insanity: extreme foolishness or irrationality.

Look it up.


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