Raven (part one)

Raven Storm (Ravenel Erszebet Tempeste-Storm)
First Appearance: RPG at GenCon.
First Book: Stormrise

Raven is the second child of Mason Beowulf Storm and Valentina Zyanya Valkonen Tempeste-Strohm. She is half pureblood vampire of the Strohm line, one of the oldest vampire clans. As such she is a dhampyr, with all the strengths of a master vampire with few of their weaknesses. She has a strong aversion to garlic and her eyes are sensitive to sunlight, a problem she solves with a variety of cheap sunglasses she misplaces on a regular basis.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Raven has unnaturally red hair that hangs down her back. Though rarely mentioned, Raven feels pain when her hair is cut. because of that she tends to just let it grow until she can’t stand it anymore.

She also has green eyes that glow slightly in the darkness. When angered or invoking her vampire side (what she calls her monster) her eyes narrow and become similar to a feral cat.

Distinguishing Marks: Piercings
Raven got her nose pierced when she was fifteen, much to her mother’s annoyance. She still wears the stud on occasion. Her ears are also pierced several times though she only wears earrings on special occasions or to Court.

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos:
Raven has several tattoos, marks she again generally keeps covered. Most have not yet been disclosed however she recently (between books three and four) got “laugh now cry later” tattoos on her left shoulder.

Distinguishing Marks: Scars:
Raven has a variety of scars on her body. Though she heals far faster than even a normal vampire, many of the wounds leave behind scars, unlike most vampires.

Raven and Blood:
Raven hates both the smell and the taste of blood and she will avoid it whenever possible, often jeopardizing her life rather than drink the blood that sustains her power. She has gotten better at “choking it down” but her inability to hold her lunch during autopsies has become a running joke at the District One station house.

Read more: https://www.facebook.com/DetectiveRavenStorm

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