Not the World We Want

If your school “procedure” is to arrest a child for bringing a homemade clock to school because it might be something harmful, your “procedure” is fucked up.
I remember my older brother taking things he made to school, he made radios with some old kit that looked a hell of a lot like the one Ahmed made and he never did time in Juvie.
I remember show and tell where all sorts of crap was brought to school and nobody batted an eyelash. Teachers were more concerned about kids bringing live animals and porn and my teachers were educated enough to tell the difference between a basic radio and an explosive device. This was a collection of parts you can still get in the last aisle at Radio Shack, any teacher should have been able to tell that, especially when he happily showed it to them rather than pressing a button and saying “I have a bomb.” You know, the kind of thing terrorists usually do rather than getting caught. Duh.
This bizarre suspicion and fear of tragedy has to cease. A lot of kids who went through this would stop learning. They would stop building and stop growing out of fear they would be locked up again, or worse. Is that the country we want? A country where bright young minds are frightened into silence because of the ignorance of their elders?
That certainly isn’t the world I want to live in.
BTW, I really don’t want to hear it was *just* because he was Muslim. I’ve seen kids arrested for everything from a box of matches to a paper airplane that “looked like a knife.”  There is a far bigger problem called paranoia that we must deal with, because it is spreading.

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