Lady Valentina

Valentina Zyanya Valkonen Tempeste-Strohm
First Appearance: Vampire RPG, GenCon
First Book: Stormrise

Valentina is an Embraced vampire with Master level talents and strength. She is close to seven-hundred years old and is the last of the Valkonen bloodline, a clan that died out in 1783.

Much of her history is kept secret from her family. What is known is she allied herself with a powerful Sanguinarch vampire named Strohm in the mid-1960s and participated in helping him rise to be Master of Chicago.

At some point in the late 1970’s she met Mason Storm, a Chicago police officer. Storm was investigating Strohm’s activities and revealed to Valentina exactly how insane and power-mad her current husband had become. The pair agreed to try and stop Strohm and began a campaign to make Valentina Mistress of the City. During this time they became a couple and sired Raven Storm.

Since the apparent death of her husband Mason, Valentina has held onto her title with a tenuous grasp. She is weak for a Master vampire, a fact that is often exploited by those seeking to usurp her power. She compensates by allying herself with powerful vampires such as Francois Du Guerre (assumed name) and the Lycan lord Tynnan. She also trained Raven from a very young age to be her Furstin, a sort of vampire bodyguard and battle champion.

Though nearly ancient by vampire standards Valentina can be quite childlike and immature, lashing out at loved ones when she doesn’t get her own way. She also holds many secrets, most she has already chosen to take into eternity.

One thing is certain, however. She loves her daughters.


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