Are People Really This Stupid?

My grandfather always said: Until you are wiling to take an unwanted child to raise, on your own, shut the hell up.
He was right. Until there is a system ready to deal with the 1.2 million women they see for basic medical services and the 500K unwanted children per year that will be generated by their absence, defunding Planned Parenthood is fucking idiotic, regardless of people’s emotions, religions, politics or any other shit they want to drag into it.
You want to fix the problem?
Fix the adoption process that won’t let good people adopt.
Leave the Affordable Care Act alone and make sure women know what services are included in the cost of their insurance (you get a lot of services, peeps.)
Encourage physicians to work in the areas where Planned Parenthood is located.
Make it fucking illegal to sell fetal tissue of any kind. Duh. What Planned Parenthood does is *legal* and is currently done the same way by much larger and more prestigious organizations. And, newsflash, some of the largest research hospitals and universities in the country BUY IT. Colleges and universities that GET GOVERNMENT FUNDING. But no one is bitching about that.
Fix the problem then consider defunding the symptom.