Lady Valentina

Beyond Skye

Valentina Zyanya Valkonen Tempeste-Strohm
First Appearance: Vampire RPG, GenCon
First Book: Stormrise

Valentina is an Embraced vampire with Master level talents and strength. She is close to seven-hundred years old and is the last of the Valkonen bloodline, a clan that died out in 1783.

Much of her history is kept secret from her family. What is known is she allied herself with a powerful Sanguinarch vampire named Strohm in the mid-1960s and participated in helping him rise to be Master of Chicago.

At some point in the late 1970’s she met Mason Storm, a Chicago police officer. Storm was investigating Strohm’s activities and revealed to Valentina exactly how insane and power-mad her current husband had become. The pair agreed to try and stop Strohm and began a campaign to make Valentina Mistress of the City. During this time they became a couple and sired Raven Storm.

Since the…

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