Raven’s new monologue.

There is a subtle difference here…

Forget what you think you know about the world. There is another world, a darker world where true evil exists; vampires, lycans, demons, the bogeyman, all the things that go bump in the night walk among you, rub shoulders with you…and feed on you.

I’m something different. I was born to a pureblood vampire and a human man. I have a bloodsucker’s strength and almost none of their weaknesses. They call me dhampyr, or day walker. And that’s when they’re being nice.

I used to be a Chicago cop, a damn good one. Now I work for the FBI, Section Thirteen. Don’t ask. All I can tell you is when things go bump in the night, I’m the one who bumps back.

I am the Night.

I am Raven Storm.