Raven’s Automag (background)

Raven’s Galena/AMT Automag III
First Appearance: As Mason Storm’s sidearm, GenCon
First Book: Stormrise

Design: The AMT Automag III is a single action semi-automatic handgun, designed by Harry Sanford, creator of the original Automag featured in the movie Sudden Impact. The Automag III does not fire a magnum cartridge, rather it is chambered for the .30 Carbine cartridge originally designed for the World War II era M1 carbine. Ironically the M1 carbine is the only rifle Raven will use.

In the books: The pistol Raven carries was originally carried by Raven’s father, Mason Beowulf. It was bequeathed to Raven in his will.

In a scene cut from Shadowstorm we learn that Marie LaVeau enchanted the pistol with RavAMT Automag IIIen’s blood when she was a child. The enchantment made the weapon capable of wounding preternatural beings even with standard ammunition. The weapon’s oversized stainless steel construction made the enchantment, intended for bladed weapons, possible.

When combined with Raven’s power and Thaddeus’ special ammunition the weapon is capable of destroying even the most powerful of preternaturals and (in a game) was used to kill a fairly major demon. This may or may not occur in the novels wink emoticon

The pistol means everything to Raven and she has spent the GNP of a small country having it repaired. She’s been known to carry her father’s back-up sidearm, an AMT hardballer 45 but she prefers the Automag for its power and stability.

In terms of Lore, the Automag is akin to Excalibur. Raven is stronger with it than without it due to her connection through Marie’s enchantment.

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