Don’t Go Away Mad… Actually, That’s Fine.

Every once in a while someone follows me that when I look at their profile (I stalk all my followers) I think “dude, you are so not welcome here.”

As an FYI:
If your Facebook or Twitter profile has comments condemning a political party, belief system, race or gender, you are automatically classified as a fucking idiot. You clearly haven’t read my page.

My ownership and support of firearms does not label me “conservative.” I own weapons for a reason and I am very well trained in how to use them. In addition, all of mine are properly registered. People who are not trained and don’t register their weapons piss me off.

My support of a useful government doesn’t label me as “liberal.” I am grateful that the President has supported allowing people like me, with preexisting medical conditions, to have insurance. Without the ACA I would be dead. If a government isn’t for the majority (you know, normal people like us) it is a waste of effort.

My beliefs are varied and generally revolve around people being personally and socially responsible. And no, that doesn’t label me as “socialist,” idiot.

The only label that really applies to me is “Skye Knizley.” Deal with it.


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