It annoys me that some people say that eyes changing color is a “scientific impossibility.” They said the same thing about the Earth being round and look at us now. No one has fallen off the edge of the world in years.

My eyes change color all the time. During the course of a single “Cards Against Humanity” game my eyes have been reported as green, grey, blue and purple in the same light with no makeup by the same person. It also has been recorded in photographs. My baby pictures have purple eyes, toddler pictures have blue, my high school photo has grey but my senior cheerleading photo has purple. My last S/O insisted my eyes were green but my best friend said they were purple.

Either there are a whole lot of people with color issues or my eyes change color at random. Scientifically its probably due to blood flow and the amount of copper and iodine in my eyes from medical issues but I’m happy with just saying “its magik.”



One thought on “Eyes!

  1. Heh, my eyes are “hazel”, which basically means “we don’t what the fuck colors you have swirling there but we need to put something on the driver’s license”.

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