Dreams and Plotlines

Yesterday I had planned to share a little about how I come up with stories, but then I read my newsfeed and had to verbally punch some people and being creative went right out the damn window.

But today the whiners are gone!

So, as most of you know my characters Raven, Smoak, Jinx, Chastity, Freyja, Levac, Francois and Strohm were inspired by roleplaying games I have run over the years.  My plot ideas since Stormrage come from a different source, however.

I am a lucid dreamer and have been for as long as I can remember, and skeptics about the phenomenon can take a flying fucking leap.  I know what happens in my head and how I feel in the morning, which is like a wet rag because being in a weird state of consciousness while trying to sleep sucks.  I only get about four hours of actual rest a night.

I often dream plotlines that I write down in the morning then turn into something that makes way more sense than what happened in my head.  It happens so often I have more plotlines and story ideas than I have time to write.  I used to have post-it notes all over, now I have them on my phone and save them to my desktop once a week.

The good news is that as long as I’m alive there should be stories because I already have more than I can write in this lifetime 🙂



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