No. Just, No.

I learned a long time ago from someone I adore and respect not to read or comment on reviews and I abide by his teachings in most cases. However I learned from another mentor that some shit you just don’t let slide. Today is one of those days.

A single comment made by a very irritated and angry Raven Storm (a character in my novels) halfway through Stormrise apparently gave a reviewer the impetus to write a review calling me racist and disgusting. I am not sure how a clichéd comment by Raven to another character in the book allows the reviewer to make the leap of logic to me and my personal beliefs, but sure. I can only assume they also think I am a six foot tall half vampire who drinks blood, drives a $200000 Mustang and solves crimes as that is discussed throughout the other 325 pages of the book.

As a person of mixed heritage and “alternative sexuality” I find this kind of ignorant comment to be highly offensive, especially considering they are most often made by people who have never experienced the brutality of racism and homophobia. I have and have the scars to prove it.

People who don’t know what they are talking about should be grateful they haven’t experienced such things and shut the hell up.

I am uncertain why Amazon allows abusive reviews to remain but if anyone would like to report it anyway, be my guest.




4 thoughts on “No. Just, No.

  1. There is a growing class of individuals that are perpetually offended and looking for trouble where there is none.

    Fictional characters do all kinds of things to advance stories, and stories about perfect people are boring. Ignore the whiners.

  2. Wait…… are NOT a six foot tall half vampire who drinks blood, drives a $200000 Mustang and solves crimes? Please think of the source and do not let jackasses screw with your flow. I really like you as an author and now that I am reading your blog, I am realizing that you are a pretty badass person as well! So forget the losers and when you are having a crap day remember those of us that recognize your talents and appreciate you. There are those of us out there that can see the crazy in some of the reviews and it just makes us want to read that book even more! K, quit letting me waste your time and get back to writing the next storm I am soooo addicted lmao

    1. Thank you 🙂 No, I am not a six foot vampire and my Challenger costs a hell of a lot less than Raven’s Shelby. I’m just me.

      I very much appreciate your comments. Readers like you are why authors like me do what we do. The next Raven novel comes out in April and will be followed by many, many more. My publisher just made me promise to keep writing them for the next 75 years.

      Thank you again
      ~ Skye

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