Fire Them All

It really confuses some people when confronted by a knowledgeable gun owning woman in favor of women’s rights, proper gun control and not building a wall around my fucking country.

I rarely say anything about politics and I don’t intend to ruffle feathers but all of the candidates and politicians above state level should be fired and replaced with ones living in the present. And I said ALL. Not picking sides.

Walls to keep out immigrants (and keep them in)? Berlin in the 50s- 80s – cold war.

Tagging and tracking visitors? Hitler 1938-1945 WWII

Religion in politics? King of England 1776 – Revolutionary War

Abortion debate? 1980s everywhere. Roe v Wade

Same sex marriage: 2015

This shit is in the past. We already fought these battles. We have more important things to worry about, like gun control that works, dealing with homelessness, depression and bullying that leaves our children dead. Addressing unemployment and ridiculously low wages for most Americans.

If you are not ashamed of nearly everyone in our government, go walk through a homeless shelter. Visit a psych ward. Talk to people who lost loved ones to senseless violence. Talk to parents who can’t afford presents for their kids yet work 70 hours a week. Then tell me what is important. Because it isn’t what these people are bitching about.


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