The girl shaming bullshit has to stop. Wearing leggings, dresses and skirts is part of the female wardrobe and kicking girls out of class or calling them out in front of their peers is unacceptable behavior, it is nothing more than another form of BULLYING.
And do not give me that “they all should wear uniforms” crap. My niece went to one that required them. So did my God daughter. It still happened. Their sweater was too tight, their knee socks were worn in a provocative manner (whatever the hell that means) or their bra was “too push up.” If you have a daughter or know a girl who goes to a uniform school, ask her. I can pretty much guarantee she has experienced, heard or heard about some form of clothing bullying.
It is NOT about what they are wearing yet once again the media has some people buying into it and insisting that clothing promotes rape. Fuck them.
I went to a high school where we wore mini skirts and tank tops or jeans so tight you could tell if someone was wearing underwear. Our cheerleader uniforms were hot pants and tank tops. And there was almost no shaming. Girls dressed like girls boys dressed like boys and it wasn’t a fucking problem.
Somehow in the last 12 years we have decided that female clothing = excuse for rape. That is insane. There is no excuse or provocation, period. If a girl doesn’t clearly and voluntarily say “yes” then the damn answer is no and boys should be happy with Rosie Palm and her sisters. Dig?
You know why we have more rape, especially in schools? Because we don’t fucking punish rapists. In the 1950’s if a girl was raped the bastard went to jail and likely died there because rape was acknowledged as being WRONG and even other inmates knew it. The same was true in the 60’s.
Time moved on, though. By 1984, according to an NCPA report the expected punishment for a convicted rapist was 180 days. By 1995 that number had decreased to 93 days. Last year a boy raped a girl in a school music room, you can hear her say NO repeatedly on the video yet the boy got PUBLIC SERVICE IN A RAPE CRISIS CENTER. Because every rape victim wants to be counseled by a fucking rapist. And these are just examples. Right now the only people actually punishing rapists are prisoners. WTF?
Rape doesn’t happen more because of what girls wear but because rapists can get away with it. Period, end of fucking discussion. It is something every parent should be aware of and get involved in prevention that doesn’t begin or end with what a girl is wearing. Things only change if we make it happen. Get involved!

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