Minus Hour: Shadowlands 2


Coming February 2016

South Beach: Sun, sand and one of the world’s most famous beaches. Beneath the surface is a seething cauldron of evil at the top of which is the Skin Trade. Thousands of tourists go missing in the city every year. Most of them are never seen again, alive or dead.

When Jenny Colt and her friends go missing on the night of the winter formal, the police are helpless to find them.   With time running out, Jenny’s step-mother reaches out to the ladies of Shadowlands to find them. All she has is a license plate number, but it’s enough. Soon, Smoak, Ash and the team are delving into a darkness so deep, even the police fear to enter.

In trouble? Need help and have nowhere to turn?

Call Shadowlands. We’re here to help.

MskyesigINUS HOUR: Book 2 of the Shadowlands.


2 thoughts on “Minus Hour: Shadowlands 2

  1. will we get to see aleksandra again? I loved that character and was curious if she would come back. Loved how she dealt with ash. Maybe she can be ashley’s blaze?

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