Peace: Assemble

The right to peaceably assemble in protest isn’t the same thing as wandering around a Federal wildlife preserve brandishing semiautomatic weapons. As of 2010 that is a Federal offense.

I understand they have a complaint they believe is reasonable, but negotiation is never opened with a weapon. Weapons are for when negotiation fails. These people should already be in jail, not being protected by so-called militias.

In the case of their grievance, I completely disagree. Preserves are intended to protect wildlife from threats, including from the encroachment of grazing animals that, at one time, destroyed a huge portion of the country. As of right now 27% of the contiguous United States is set aside for grazing. Only about 9% is set aside for the protection and preservation of wildlife. We need more preserves, not fewer.

I’m sorry if someone is having trouble with their business, but this country has more food than we need and throws away 26% of the meat put on the retail market. We don’t need more cows or more grazing space, we need better utilization of what we have, and businesses should reconsider their management model.

Look: If my book doesn’t sell, I write a different one. I don’t unpack my arsenal, grab some friends and take over a Barnes and Noble in protest.



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