Violence isn’t Peace

As someone who practices violence:

You don’t brandish a weapon and talk about a “peaceful solution” as these people occupying Federal land in Oregon insist. If I show I am carrying a weapon, I am prepared to use it, as anyone who carries will tell you. Brandishing a weapon is the last resort, not the first. If these people wanted peace, they would leave. The locals have asked them to leave, the government has asked them to leave, and they were offered amnesty, yet they refuse to comply. That isn’t peace, its an attempt at provocation. They are trying to get the authorities to react so they can say they acted in self-defense. It’s an old tactic, so pathetic it is used in bar-fights every weekend.

The truth is this: The leader of this group, who was recently arrested, has spent a lifetime trying to avoid paying grazing fees for using protected land to graze his family’s animals. His last stand off was for his family to avoid paying ten years of back grazing fees, fees that are not income but rather are used to care for the land these people want to use with impunity. That shit is what lead to millions of acres being devastated back in the 1930s as herds devoured everything and nobody bothered to replant. It’s called overgrazing. Doesn’t anyone read history? Or do you just fucking Google?

These people are not heroes, they are not martyrs. They have nothing in common with Robin Hood. They are just another bunch of thugs interested in their own wallets.skyesig


One thought on “Violence isn’t Peace

  1. exactly and I love how the media calls them protesters. At least one of them made a marytr video. But they are just protestors. If they were anyone who wasn’t white and conservative this wouldn’t have lasted a day.

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