Stop Being Part of the Problem

This is probably going to annoy some people. But this time I really don’t care. If you read to the end and are mad at me? You are part of the fucking problem.
When I was growing up in the south, I was raised to believe this was the greatest country on earth, with the kindest people, strongest hearts and best opportunities for everyone. And damned if I didn’t believe it. I still believed it after the shit was beaten out of me for dating my own gender. I was stupid enough to assume that was just an isolated incident.
Then I grew up and realized it wasn’t isolated. That men and women like me got beaten up just about every day for the crime of loving someone. How great can a country be when good people get beaten for love of another human being?
I also learned that this country discriminates against its own people by refusing them necessities like homes, car loans and jobs. It was just last year that the EEOC ruled that the Civil Rights Act prevents being fired for being gay. The civil rights act passed in 1964. You do the fucking math.
Marriage equality is now the law of the land and anyone with half an ounce of brains knows that no President can overturn a supreme court decision. Marriage Equality is here to stay. But it isn’t stopping people from trying. Now we, and I say we because WE ARE ALLOWING THEM, are attacking the LGBT community and trying to prevent transgender people from using gender appropriate restrooms and even getting married, whether they are post or pre-op. Excuse me?
Let’s be clear on this, shall we?  People living in the “greatest country on earth” want to police what is in someone’s pants and legislate what DNA they should have. There is actually a law proposal specifying what DNA someone must have in order to use a restroom. If you don’t think that sounds insane, you’re a moron. You’re also ignorant. There are men and women, sexed at birth, who couldn’t pass that test because of some pretty serious birth defects. So… now we’re saying a woman with CAIS or PAIS has to use a men’s room?  Or do we make someone with those defects carry a sign “I have CAIS, I can pee here!”  That sounds like the definition of insanity, to me.
Tennessee is trying to officially define marriage using scientific terms in hopes it will somehow prevent same-sex marriage. So is Oklahoma. South Dakota wants to ban people from public restrooms. Altogether 16 states have jumped on this bandwagon in the last few months, and in some they are getting away with it, in blatant violation of the Constitution. The Constitution protects Americans from unlawful search and seizure and from being accused of a crime without evidence that a crime was committed. But here we are saying that a specific class of people may commit a crime, so we will create legislation to prevent it. What? That’s like saying (insert skin color here) people are more likely to (insert crime here) in the bathroom so let’s legislate that they cannot use them. Hey, I know! Let’s create a bathroom for (insert skin color here) so they can’t commit (insert crime)…. Wait, that was ruled unconstitutional and almost everyone knows it is wrong…
If this were the greatest country on earth, the land of the free and the home of the brave, we wouldn’t continue to let this happen. We would be smart enough to realize that what is between someone’s legs doesn’t change what is in their heart. We would be brave enough to question stereotypes, and free enough to let good people live their own lives without persecuting them. I am deeply ashamed that we as Americans, We the People, allow this shit to continue unabated.

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