Minus Hour: Thriller Thursday

#thrillerthursday #lgbt

“What’s the problem? Did you change your mind about that drink?” Ingram asked.
Smoak shook her head and moved sideways so Ingram could see the corridor behind her, where the armed men were just coming out of the stairwell. “Not exactly. You have company.”Minus Hour ebook full
Ingram’s eyes widened and Smoak pushed past him into the room. The suite was very similar to the one she was sharing with Ash, though the furnishings looked somewhat newer. A sitting area with a sofa, loveseat and monstrous television, two bedrooms with separate baths and a small dining area. On the far side of the room was a large sunken tub; the two women from the beach and Ingram’s partner were in the tub wearing next to nothing and making out. They looked up in surprise when Smoak entered and moved away from each other like they’d been caught being naughty.
“Who are they?” Ingram asked. “Who are you?”
“Close and lock the damn door!” Smoak ordered. “I’m here to save your ass.”
Just then the gunmen spied Ingram. Smoak heard one yell, “It’s him!” before Ingram slammed the door and shot the bolt.
“What’s going on?” Ingram’s partner asked.
“There are several armed men in the hallway, probably coming for the diamonds you stole,” Smoak replied. “I’m going to try and keep them from cutting you into sushi. Get behind the dining table and stay down!”
She turned away as they complied and spoke into her headset. “McCoy, sit-rep!”
“The two in the kitchen are down and hanging in the freezer,” April said. “I’m coming to you.”
“Negative,” Smoak said. “Pull the fire alarm and get to the courtyard.”
“Do it!” Smoak snarled. “Ash, tell me you have cameras in the hallway.”
“Does the Pope wear a silly hat? You have guys outside the door, it looks like they are trying to decide how to breach, quiet or noisy. You have twenty seconds, give or take,” Ashley said.
“Awesome,” Smoak muttered


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