Kindle Unlimited Rocks. Shut up.

Oh look, another idiot who doesn’t understand Kindle Unlimited whining about it.

Just so we’re clear, you probably shouldn’t be taking the word of an author who isn’t making money with KU on how KU works. Because they clearly do not actually know how it works, or they would be making money with it.

I am a full-time author, this is all I do. My books pay my bills, and nobody helps me with them.  A reasonable portion of my income comes from Kindle Unlimited, because my publisher and I actually know how it works. All you have to do is read and stick with their instructions. You know, that big section of text that comes up about every nine months with the terms of service? Yeah, that thing.

1) no, you cannot pad your book with weblinks and crap to pad the page count. Amazon ignores them in the “pages read” count and assumes it is part of the table of contents, because that is the only thing in your book that should have links.

2) no you can’t just have readers skip to the back. Kenpc 2.0, the algorithm that determines “pages read” has a minimum time to read per page. It knows if you are just flipping through the book, it is the same technology used by businesses and schools to make sure you actually read the “required reading.”  So that blog you saw about a weblink that skips to the back? The guy is a lying sack of shit.  He calls himself a scammer, that should be a clue to his honesty, don’t you think?   His idea?  It doesn’t work and, in fact he is probably gleefully looking to see how many people a) try it and get punted from Amazon and b) drop out of KU because of his post and all the gullible twerps who blog about it.

3) nope, you can no longer sell books for 99 cents and make $1.07 off KU. They fixed that, it made no sense to pay more than the cover price, duh. You got a year of free money, shut up.

4) no, you can’t sell your book for more than $4.99 and make the same money per book that you do with a sale. But… you still make money. Odds are, if your book wasn’t in KU, the people who read it through KU wouldn’t have bought it in the first place, so you basically got free money. Shut up and stop whining.

What you can do is write a decent-sized book priced $2.99-$3.99 and make a reasonable amount per page with a total akin to the same amount you make for a regular sale. I do it with every release and am quite successful with it.  I’m pretty sure the program rocks.
I will admit,  I’m fine with people believing this crap and bailing from the program, that leaves more money for me at royalty time. But seriously, bashing the program because you don’t understand it is childish and stupid.  If you’re not making money, it isn’t the program, it isn’t scammers, you did something wrong.


One thought on “Kindle Unlimited Rocks. Shut up.

  1. Interesting. I didn’t know how KU (not Kansas University) worked. It’s nice to hear it from the author’s side.

    As a reader I like having the book downloaded and purchased for reading at any time w/o network connection. Like on cruise ship or campouts. But I’m old. All the kids I work with are streaming their music but I still buy cd’s. I do love digital books and won’t give up my Kindle to go back to paper. I can read my Kindle without my glasses =)

    Thanks to Skye for her great works.

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