We Are All Human

I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  My whole life I have heard “I support you, but…”

When I was a kid it was “I’m fine with you being gay, but don’t tell my mom.”

As I got older,  it was “I’m cool with it, but don’t let anyone know…”

In a corporate job it was “It isn’t a problem for me, but others might not understand…”

Or the worst:  “I don’t want to, but if I don’t vote in favor of (asshole here) my mother/father/brother/sister/cousin’s uncle’s roommate will disown me.”

And now I have found that I am doing it to myself.  “Don’t say that, it might affect your book sales.”  Every day, I edit myself for fear of offending someone.  And if you see some of the comments I am brave enough to make, imagine what I *didn’t* say.

This sort of “I support you but not in public” bullshit is how laws like NC’s HB2 get passed.  Too many people standing in the wings, afraid to do what they should because it might affect them in some way.  They might have to sacrifice something to do the right thing.

And make no mistake, North Carolina peeps.  You did this, just like every other state allowing this crap.  Tennessee, Georgia, you voted these people in or allowed them to be voted in by staying silent.  You didn’t vote your conscience, you hid in the corner and made it someone else’s problem.

It isn’t someone else’s problem.  This is OUR problem.  Our nation’s problem.  Politicians have become terrorists, using their power to discriminate and fabricate enemies based on tiny fears instead of taking care of business.  It has been going on since the 1950’s with the atomic fear and socialist witchhunts and it is getting worse and worse.  Now politicians are policing what restroom someone uses and what religion they are.  It’s pathetic.

I won’t remain silent.  I won’t put my career ahead of doing the right thing.  Discrimination is not only wrong, it is evil.  It is the purview of cowards and the shelter of ignorance.  It doesn’t matter what color someone’s skin is, what their religion is, what country they are from, age, weight, hair color, sexual preference, sexual identity, none of that matters.  All that matters is WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

Remember that when you see someone else being hurt.  WE ARE ALL HUMAN.  And for God’s sake get off your ass and do something before it is too late.


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