Bathroom Laws: More Bigotry

Do Our Bathrooms Really Need “Laws?”  The short answer is “no.”

In something like twelve Republican-mislead states, laws are being considered to “protect” people, particularly women, in the restroom from the threat of “men.”  This is idiotic on multiple levels with North Carolina being a perfect example of just how stupid and dangerous some of our politicians have become.

First, it is already illegal in every state for sexual predators to prey on anyone.  This includes “peeping.”  Yep, when you peer into a restroom cubicle to see if is occupied?  That shit is illegal in most every state, regardless of gender.  The law says you have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.”  Which also means it is illegal to spy to determine if the person going to the bathroom next to you is male or female in the first place.

Second, it is illegal to attack anyone in the restroom.  I mean, it is illegal to attack anyone anywhere, but that includes the restroom.  Duh.  If it was legal to just randomly attack people, I would probably have killed a few dozen assholes by now.  Because they are assholes.

Third, there is no evidence that a woman has ever been attacked in a public restroom by a transgender woman.  None.  None.  No, I don’t care what some bigoted blog told you.  Every single case has been debunked.  Every.  Single.  One.

On the contrary, it is transgender women who get attacked and even killed for using the restroom they identify with.  I think most human beings would agree that peeing is not a death penalty offense.

The fact is, according to published statistics (I’m using the Violence Policy Center but there are many more), 94% of genetic women are killed by men they knew.  The six percent unaccounted for are casualties of violent crime.  A grand total of zero attacks from 2013 to the present occurred in a public restroom. 

According to the same statistics, 98% of the women attacked and injured in that same timeframe were attacked by a man they knew, and again zero attacks happened in public restrooms.  In fact the only people who have reported being attacked in restrooms were women attacked by women.  Which stands to reason considering the existing laws that prohibit attacking people in the restroom and how vulnerable most men feel in a female dominated room.  Again, duh.

Here is another fact:  21 transgender women were killed in the first six months of 2015.  More than forty before the end of the year.  Almost all remain unsolved.  More than 200 transgender women reported being attacked, 35% of which occurred in or around a public restroom, almost all by women.

The bottom line is this:  These laws do nothing but endanger the transgender community by putting them into dangerous situations.  Men who are going to prey on women will continue to do so, and transgender women are now obvious targets in multiple states because they, legally, must use men’s rooms.  All a perv has to do is hang around and it is legal for him to stand there and wait for his victim.  Does anyone else see the irony here?

To put it another way, if a man or masculine-looking woman was hanging around in the ladies room, sooner or later someone is going to question it, generally sooner rather than later.  I have seen it.  On the other hand, a random dude hanging out in the men’s room?  Not much is questionable.  He’s supposed to be there.  Then a transgender woman walks right into his lap because the law says she has to.  Tailor-made prey.

It is time for people to stand up.  All my life I have heard people afraid to do the right thing because it might affect them in some way.  Their parents, friends, relations might get mad or some other stupid thing may happen.  Enough with the cowardice.  Right now, it is Muslim. gay and transgender.  How long before it becomes women?  Or black people?  Or Wicca?  Or some group you identify with?  If political terrorism isn’t stopped now, it will become unstoppable.  Write letters telling your governor that this behavior is unacceptable.  Tell your representatives.  Tell your mayors.  Make phone calls, put up signs, if you own a business open the restrooms to everyone.  Tell everyone that you will not tolerate discrimination in your country any longer!

If you are not a coward, get off your ass before it is too late.  We Are All Human

You can contact pretty much all of your officials here:


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