Leave the Games Alone


Ladies, enough with the “feminazi” bullshit over video games and comic books.  Seriously.  This is me, queen of female empowerment, telling you:  Shut up.

Let’s get this straight.  The vast majority of comic books and video games are bought by men.  It’s a statistical fact.  Certainly, we buy them, myself included.  Every month I pick up Silk, Star Wars, Tomb Raider, X-Men and anything else that catches my fancy.  I have finished the latest Tomb Raider on Xbox One three times, play Halo whenever I can and am a huge fan of fighting games.  And you know, I have never looked at any of it and said, “this is overly sexualized.”

Why?  Because I have enough brains to realize it isn’t important.  Nobody with any social skills and three brain cells learns about women from a video game or comic book.  They know it is a fantasy.  Those people are not real.

You also need to consider how overly sexualized the covers and behavior in our own romance novels are.  Do you want your latest Harlequin to have a balding, potbellied guy on the cover, or that long-haired man with rippling muscles and a huge package?  Do you want the guy in the book to have a normal six-inch penis or that massive thing that makes you sweat?  I mean, seriously, this is a two way street, here.  You may as well scream that those romances give young girls unreasonable expectations about their future boyfriend. (which I know some of you have.  Shame!)

And don’t give me the “rape culture is propagated by video games” crap.  We all know that is bullshit.  Rape culture is propagated by a legal system that refuses to punish rapists and did so long before the video games you worry so much about actually existed.  We haven’t given a rapist a serious prison sentence since the 60’s.

If you want to bitch, bitch about the Hardee’s ad with an almost naked model biting into a burger as big as her head.  Bitch about the people whining about the actual sized woman on Sports Illustrated’s cover.  Bitch about people in the real world being used or shamed depending on their appearance.  Kids don’t learn that shit from comics and video games.  They learn it from their parents and it is fueled by their friends who learned it from their parents.



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