Please, Don’t Make the Author Vomit

Okay, all this crap over the bathroom laws makes me want to vomit.
What rock do people live under? The NC law isn’t just discriminatory over the fucking public restrooms. It removes protections for veterans and LGBT people STATE WIDE. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It doesn’t include veterans or LGBT. Duh. There is no national act that does. Those protections are left to the states and since most states haven’t bothered, local government has. This fucktard McCrory in his power trip took away all of the protections provided by local government and has no plans to replace them. Sooo… vets and LGBT folks are basically screwed. You can be fired for having a purple heart in NC and it is LEGAL.
Now let’s look at the bathroom thing. Some idiot said of the law McCrory panicked over “what prevents a pervert from entering the ladies room and attacking women?”
Um… what stops them, now? You are talking about someone with an intent to break a very serious Federal law. Do you think they give a rat’s ass if entering the bathroom is illegal, too? Which do you think carries the more severe penalty, rape, or using the wrong damn bathroom?
Some people don’t seem to get this. On the off chance a nut who wants to rape a woman in the public restroom (it has never happened) he isn’t going to go “wait… it’s illegal for me to go in there, I better not commit *two* crimes at once…. I’ll wait outside.”
This is not rocket science.
Then someone said “well, what about the transgender defense?”
Excuse me? The what? There is no such thing. Okay, so some bozo goes in the ladies room wearing his mom’s dress with the intent to perve some woman. Leaving aside how ridiculous the fear of that actually is, so what? You catch him, you call the cops. The cops ask “hey perv, why were you in the ladies room?” The perv says “I’m transgender.” To which anyone with two braincells should reply “then why are you perving women in the ladies room?” and they are then busted for this thing we call lying. Duh. This is common sense.
Transgender women are like every other woman on the planet and the bathroom is the least erotic place anyone has ever been. No woman, transgender or otherwise, has ever perved anything in the public restroom except perhaps someone else’s shoes. I’m a lesbian and the last thought I have when I have to pee is “gee, I wonder if the girl in the next cubicle is hot?”
That one case you saw that was shared by the bigoted transgender group claiming that a sex offender said he was transgender to attack women is a perfect example of this in action. He *said* he was transgender, he wasn’t and he fucking went to *jail.*
These laws are based on fear. The best remedy for fear is education. Try it.

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