If I Die…

I see a lot of comments about the folks who have died this far this year.  I am not going to make a list, you all know who they are.  Most of them are people we know, love and are fans of.

But in all the memes and pictures and posts, I rarely see anyone saying “(insert celebrity) touched my life, here, listen to their (music/acting/statement.)  We are mourning them without sharing why with anyone.  There is an assumption that others know why, but we have to remember that there are some kids who have no clue who David Bowie or Prince is.  This dawned on me when I sent my God-daughter Prince MP3s.  It’s tough for these kids to see what the big deal is without hearing the music, seeing the movies or listening to the words.

So here is what I am asking.  When I die, if my books, blogs or anything I said touched you somehow, share it with someone.  Don’t remember me as a meme or a quote.  Give a copy of your favorite book to someone.

Why?  Because nobody is really dead as long as we remember them and share our memories with others.

Love and Light



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