Fresh Blood Announcement!

I have amazing news!
First, Fresh Blood is being revitalized and will be reissued with an updated interior, fresh edits and a brand-spanking new cover from Dreams2Media. The most recent Chronicles novel, STORM introduced the characters to the Storm Chronicles mythos and the updated Fresh Blood will bring them fully onboard. More about that is explained in the foreword, but the short version is that Jynx and Piper were always intended to be part of Raven’s world and… I… did… something stupid when we were editing the book the first time.

Second, the Aspen cover is done and daaaamn is it gorgeous. Like, I want to cuddle it. Bex did a fantastic job and put up with my random changes without batting an eyelash. Thank you Bex!

The new Fresh Blood cover is below. Aspen will be unveiled at a later dateFresh-Blood-Ebook-full


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