Ignorance is a Choice. A Bad One.

The amount of willful ignorance flying around social media makes me want to vomit.  This tendency to stick with a one-sided point of view simply because it is the one you like or the one your family taught you to believe is beyond ridiculous.  Are you a human being or a cheap remote control car?

Listen, we live in an age where bullshit is readily available in the form of Wikipedia, that piece of shit called the Federalist, anything from FOX News, CNN and bloggers who rarely do any form of research and simply pounce on whatever they find at their preferred bullshit source and regurgitate it back to their followers.  Bullshit may stink, but the ignorant gobble it up like it’s a feast.

But we also live in an age where actual information is readily available, if you really want to look.  There are millions of reputable sites that provide the whole, actual story.  It is unbelievably easy to get off your ass and find out what is at the root of a problem, to understand the actual issues and not just what people are screaming in the media.

I’m going to use the sudden uprising of the “bathroom saga” as an example.  In recent weeks I have learned that the average person doesn’t know jack shit about transgender people, nor do they actually know anything about sexual predators.  Discovering this made my head explode.  How can you stand up and scream “if you have a penis use the men’s room, if you have a vagina use the ladies” without knowing the first thing about the topics?  How do you not know there are men born with complete or partial androgen insensity syndrome who have the outward appearance of women?  Or women born with complete ovarian failure who have the outward appearance of males?  There is so much more to biology than what is between your legs or on your birth certificate.

Here are some easy to find facts from actual experts like Psychiatric Times, WebMD and Yale University.


Pedophiles are 99% male, usually very much so.  The idea of dressing in women’s clothing would be emasculating and does not happen.

Pedophiles generally stalk withdrawn young males.  Yes, males.  While it happens that girls are prey as well, the vast majority of victims are male, in spite of what the Church and right-leaning news media would have you believe.

They know the victim and the parent.  That friend you trust to take your child to the restroom?  They are far more dangerous than a stranger.


85% of rapes are perpetrated by someone the victim knows and has interacted with.  Of that number, 84% are classified as “gentleman rapists.”  They are MALE.  They discuss physical prowess and use size and masculinity to “persuade” the target.  They are not going to dress as women to get into the ladies’ room, and frankly how many women aren’t going to notice Bob from next door suddenly walking into the restroom wearing a dress and walking like a trucker?

Of the 15% “stranger” rapists, most are control freak or revenge rapists.  Again, they consider themselves hyper masculine.  Their traits are macho, bragging, violent, domineering, and cruel.  It’s hard to be a macho man in a miniskirt, don’t you think?

Yes, there are a handful of cases of men dressing up as women and hiding in restrooms in the last ten years.  They were all obviously male, not transgender, and all were caught with relative ease for the simple fact they were obviously male and not transgender and were hanging around the restroom instead of doing their business and leaving like normal people.

I keep seeing posts and blogs about not protecting .3% of the population because of, frankly, selfish bullshit.  So instead lets worry about the .00001% of predators in the bathroom.  Because that makes sense.

Which brings me to the transgender people getting in the news all over the place.

There are a variety of transgender people, and I apologize to my friends and readers for resorting to the basic stereotypes.  This is not done to insult anyone but to try and explain the basic idea to the ignorant.  If you, as readers, want more information, please look it up.  In doing so, please avoid any resources that lean in either direction.  Try reading information from “middle of the aisle” resources.  Anything else is just more bullshit.

  • Transvestite: This is the kind of transgender person most often made fun of in television in media.  It is defined in the dictionary as: a person who likes to dress like a person of the opposite sex.”  The key word here is LIKES.  It is also important to note that transvestism is considered a fetish and is generally something done behind closed doors.  The vast majority of transvestites identify as male, not female, and they avoid being caught in public.  Which includes the ladies’ room.  As they identify as MALE they are not allowed in the ladies room.
  • Drag Queen: The dictionary definition of drag queen is “a male homosexual who dresses as a woman especially for comic or theatrical effect.”  While is this narrow, the point is made.  They are male and identify as such.  They are also most often gay, and have no interest in women and since they identify as MALE they are not allowed in the ladies’ room.
  • Drag King: “Defined as a female homosexual who dresses as a man especially for comic or theatrical effect.”  Essentially the same as above.  They identify as female and therefore are required to use the ladies room.
  • Transsexual: The Webster definition is: “a person who strongly identifies with the opposite sex and seeks to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance.”

There is another key here, that being “seeks to live.”  This is far more than “likes.  They “identify strongly with the opposite sex.”  In other words, that transsexual woman in the ladies’ room has, (95% of the time) undergone hormone therapy and at least some surgery.  So has the transsexual man next door.  Transsexual women identify as female and for their own safety should be able to legally use the ladies’ room.  Transsexual men identify as male and should therefore use the men’s room. 

It is really pretty fucking simple.  Nobody “pretending” is allowed in the wrong restroom and none of the proposed equality legislation allows them to.  It isn’t open for debate, it is a fact.  Proposed equality legislation simply prevents actual transsexuals from being beaten or arrested for having to pee.  That’s it.   The laws require that the person “identify as the sex of the restroom they use.”  Nobody can pretend that.  I know hundreds of transsexuals.  Every single one has changed as much as they can, from their name to their appearance.  If there is some dude in the restroom, he looks like a guy, acts like a guy and his driver’s license says he’s Joe-Bob?  Odds are he doesn’t identify as female and you toss his ass in jail unless he can prove otherwise.  Which is what happened to the assholes who HAVE ALREADY PRETENDED TO BE WOMEN.  If you have a concern, you call the cops, end of problem.

Whatsmore, the activity so many people are suddenly hysterical over is already illegal.  Entering any facility with intent to do anything more than use it for its intended purpose is illegal.  Fighting in the restroom is battery.  Rape is assauly and battery.  Scaring people is assault.  Peeping them is disorderly conduct, all of which are felonies in most every state.  Using the wrong bathroom?  Misdemeanor not much worse than a parking violation.  Do you honestly believe some asshole who is willing to commit a felony gives a shit about the accompanying misdemeanor?

Actual Knowledge is power.

Compassion is God’s will.

It is time people stopped being so selfish and ignorant and stood up to the stereotypes and bullies. skyesig


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