We Are All Human

Beyond Skye

I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  My whole life I have heard “I support you, but…”

When I was a kid it was “I’m fine with you being gay, but don’t tell my mom.”

As I got older,  it was “I’m cool with it, but don’t let anyone know…”

In a corporate job it was “It isn’t a problem for me, but others might not understand…”

Or the worst:  “I don’t want to, but if I don’t vote in favor of (asshole here) my mother/father/brother/sister/cousin’s uncle’s roommate will disown me.”

And now I have found that I am doing it to myself.  “Don’t say that, it might affect your book sales.”  Every day, I edit myself for fear of offending someone.  And if you see some of the comments I am brave enough to make, imagine what I *didn’t* say.

This sort of “I support you but not in…

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