More Bathroom Shenanigans

Just when you think the bathroom bullshit is dying down…
The Georgia ACLU interim director has stepped down and is claiming it is over transgender use of bathrooms. She claims a change of heart because her child was “visibly upset” about three transgender women who entered the restroom at the same time. The transgender women were “six feet tall” and spoke in deep voices. That’s it. That’s what she says they were afraid of. Really?
I am unclear what there was to be afraid of or why this person took the stance of playing into the kid’s fears instead of teaching them not to be afraid. How did she even know they were trans? Were they wearing tags that read “I’m trans, ask me how?” I mean, I fit that description. I am taller than 99.93% of American women and have a contralto voice. Most people would say I am “six feet tall and have a deep voice.” And I am most definitely female.
I would think the director of the Georgia ACLU would be more concerned about teaching their children not to be afraid of people that are different than getting upset that people she perceived as trans were in the restroom… but apparently we draw the line at tall women with deep voices in the ladies room. That just shouldn’t happen.
To be honest, I am not buying the story. I know a lot of transgender women. I am taller than almost all of them. Most of them have higher voices than me and none of them live close enough to each other to use the restroom at the same location at the same time unless they are at an event together. This sort of thing just doesn’t happen.
My own experience aside, the population of Georgia is about ten million people. The trans population is about 20000 people, male, female and in between. The odds of encountering a single trans woman is about one in a thousand. The odds of the ACLU director encountering three “masculine” trans women at the same time… well, they are almost nonexistent.
People keep screaming how rare trans people are and therefore should be marginalized and now some idiot is claiming they are so common that she encountered three at once. Which is it? Are there so many they are encountered in packs, or so rare they don’t matter? It can’t happen both ways.
The only reason anyone is buying this story is because they want to. People seem to *want* their kids to be afraid of trans people. They *want* trans people to be the bogey man just like they wanted the Jewish to the villain, and black people. Its fucking pathetic. We have real things to worry about and this is taking way too damn much media attention. Trans people have always used the restroom they identify with, it isn’t a big deal. Get over it and find something useful to do.