Short Politcal Spew

I started this election as a Bernie Sanders supporter. Not that I didn’t like Hillary, I voted for her over President Obama. But Bernie resonated as different and he won my support.
Now, not so much, and I am really not interested in arguing the point. He has stooped to the same political baloney every politician does and has put winning above everything, including his integrity.
At this point, Hillary is the presumptive nominee. No, I don’t care what the Huffington Post and other rags tell you. Bernie has lost and if he really cared about half the stuff he says he does, he would be throwing his weight behind her, not continuing to campaign for himself and drag votes away from the Dems.
No President has ever been elected without winning the nod of their party. None. None. No, I don’t care what you heard, none. You can look it up. All Bernie is going to do is take votes away from Hillary and, if you do the math, that means Trump will win by a landslide.  I have lost pretty much all respect for the man.
I will also tell you that Hillary isn’t as bad as she is being made out to be. Yes, she made mistakes. But in reality she was one of the most effective Secretaries of State we’ve had since Madeleine Albright. You probably can’t even name the ones that came before Hillary, like Colin Powell, who was such a trainwreck he was asked to resign and who most likely knew about 9/11, or Condoleezza Rice who has stood behind some of our most heinous torture techniques. Most people don’t even know John Kerry is the current secretary.
The only reason you know so much about Hillary’s career isn’t because she was bad at it, she was actually very good. It is because the GOP has kept her every move in the spotlight because they knew she would be a presidential nominee. It’s that simple.
Stop letting the media sway you and actually go look shit up.