“Guilty Pleasure”

I don’t often talk about reviews.  Reviews are not for the artist, they are for reviewers and I try to follow my mentor’s advice and not look at them.

But every once in a while one comes to my attention that means something.  Not long ago someone reviewed my novel Ashen Rayne and referred to it as a “guilty pleasure.”  They made reference to the over the top characters and the action and to the occasional “cheese.”

This reader “got it.”  The Shadowlands are not the Storm Chronicles and, in fact, are intentionally different.  They are not only an homage to a dear friend of mine who passed away (she is the inspiration for the character Ashley) but to the 80’s movies I watch when I am depressed or feeling down, movies I have shared with my friends most of my life.  I adore cheesy 80’s action flicks and the Shadowlands are very much inspired by that love.

I don’t write anything earth-shattering.  I have no interest in writing a book that hits my readers in the feels or leaves them crying for days or gives them some revelation into the workings of the universe.  I’m not that girl.  I write books for fun, things you read while lying on a beach somewhere earning twenty percent or sitting at the back of a plane on your way to save the world from international arms dealers.  Not books you read with a wad of tissue or wearing your big-girl panties.

Thank you for getting it, dear reader.  Not everyone has your insight or sense of humor.

Rock on!