Stormrise Hit #1

13466074_1256838517660956_3771536406630386147_nA few weeks ago my first novel, Stormrise, was admitted into a promotional program that, well it is almost impossible to get accepted.  There are authors who have tried for years who never get admitted into the program.  I was both surprised and humbled by Stormrise being accepted.

Shortly after the promotion began, Stormrise started to climb, and climb drastically.  In only a few hours Raven’a first adventure was sitting pretty in the top five horror novels on Amazon.

But she didn’t stop there.  Raven climbed all the way to number one and cracked the Amazon top 100, where she sat pretty for quite some time.

I am extremely proud of this book.  As the foreword explains, I wrote Stormrise during one of the worst times in my life and never thought it would go anywhere.  Instead of vanishing into obscurity, Raven climbed all the way into the Amazon top 100.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased or read the book through Kindle Unlimited, and to everyone who continues to support me.  Y’all rock.