Suicide Squad Review

I saw Suicide Squad over the weekend. My question for the critics who didn’t like it, what movie did you watch and what comics do you read?

I really enjoyed the movie. The characterizations were good, especially Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Flagg, the sets were decent and the script was very comic-booky, which is something that fans have been asking for. It wasn’t as drab and somber as many of the other DC movies have been and it did actually fit the comics very well.

I think part of the problem some viewers are having is that the characters are not based on the “classic” versions of the characters. They are based on the New 52 versions of the characters, and that includes Harley Quinn.

For example: The original Diablo was a 1970’s character, a ripoff of Marvel’s Ghost Rider concept. The New 52 version is a reformed criminal, just like in the Suicide Squad movie. The original Harley Quinn was basically a cartoon character who always wore pretty much a full-body condom. The New 52 version is sexier and has been wearing the Suicide Squad costume since she first appeared, long before the movie was in production.

If you aren’t an actual comic fan, some of the characters might throw you off. That isn’t the movie’s fault. It is a movie to get comic fans back in the theater and it is working. Duh. They give enough back story on the characters for the guests of the fans and that is it.

Pros: Great action, great sets, decent script and the primary cast (Harley, Deadshot, Joker) are very good. I think Leto is a dork most of the time, but he is awesome as Joker.

Cons: The editing is sometimes choppy and scenes were cut, particularly with Joker, Batman and Amanda Waller, that shouldn’t have been.
It is obvious to most comic fans who the actual villain is within the first 15 minutes of the movie, there is no surprise factor.
Jai Courtney shouldn’t do an Australian accent. Ever.

If you aren’t a fan of the villains and the newer comics, you may not like it. This is not a detriment to the movie if you understand the intent is to get people like me (who love DC comics but think the movies suck) re-invested. Because of Suicide Squad I will give Justice League a chance.

4/5 stars