No, I Won’t Label My Books

There are three problems with the idea of “labeling” books as being LGBT on the cover.
1) Assholes who think they need a label so they don’t read anything “gay,” because, eww. Yeah, you’re part of the problem with this society.
2) Authors who cave to this idea. You are propagating the stigma of lgbt characters in literature. Fucking stop.
3) Characters defined solely by their sexuality are pretty damn one dimensional. As a member of the LGBT community, let me tell you, I am not defined by my attraction to my own sex. I don’t wake up and think “okay, time to like girls.” It is just another part of my life like you liking whatever it is you like.
Being LGBT is not weird. It is not “wrong.” LGBT people have existed throughout time and homophobia is, historically speaking, a recent invention of certain religions. Nobody is born thinking same sex relationships are wrong, they are taught and it needs to stop.
I know I have friends who write MM and FF erotica. That’s your genre and I get that you kind of need to tell people so they can find you and buy your work. That makes sense.
But some shmuck saying I need a label on the Storm Chronicles because Raven kisses a girl? Go fuck yourself, bub. I’m working towards a society that sees two men or two women kissing and just smiles at a happy couple. A society that ostracizes homophobes.