Harley Quinn?

No. No. No.
Harley Quinn was not created to show young women the horror of abusive relationships. You’re a fucking moron. She was originally created as Joker’s sidekick and antithesis for Robin. She appeared in Batman: The Animated Series when I was a kid, it was her first appearance and, frankly, most girls my age thought she was a stupid character. Her job if I remember right had something to do with a cake. From there she grew into an annoying sidekick with an infatuation with a boss that really didn’t like her that much most of the time. So please stop saying that.
You can also shut up about her being a bad role-model and liking her is supporting abusive relationships. Again, you’re a fucking moron.
First, OUR SOCIETY SUPPORTS ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. We have slut-shaming and victim blaming. We have women attacked for wearing sexy clothes and makeup (and women stupid enough to join in the attacking.) We have body-shaming, we have unequal pay, unequal work and unequal expectations. Every woman with an IQ above room temperature knows this. We don’t need a comic character to show us the horror of abusive relationships, we have eyes and can see what is right in front of us.
Second, no woman ever has seriously said they want a love exactly like Joker and Harley. They don’t want the crazy, what they want is the unconditional love that is demonstrated. You have two totally insane and basically evil people who will do anything for each other. No matter how bad things get, Joker pretty much always rescues Harley and Harley pretty much always rescues Joker. THAT is the part people say they want, because frankly that shit doesn’t happen to most people. Our divorce rate is through the roof because that doesn’t happen very often.
Harley Quinn is a role-model for some women because she is a powerful woman. She wears what she wants, does what she wants and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks. Most women in the real world don’t get to do that. We are told constantly to smile. Stand up straight. Keep our elbows off the table and to worry about how we look to others. So a character who isn’t doing that is someone to look up to.
If you think Harley is a bad character, instead of whining make a good guy in a healthy relationship who acts like her. Its hard to do, because our society frowns upon it.