So, on a whim I started taking a survey.  Part of it was about who would be a better President (Hillary Clinton, Trump is clearly a psychopath) the rest of it was random questions.

But it did tell me something, like for example the only thing I have in common with most Trump supporters is that I have no desire to buy a new ride, because I bought a Challenger in December.

You see, the survey was directed at Trump supporters and after each question it showed me the results of everyone else.  Since it was directed toward Trump supporters (apparently they assume I am one because I am an advocate of guns, cars and small government) I got to see what they agreed with.

For example I learned that most of the people who took the survey and support Trump don’t think female Olympic medal winners have been treated in a sexist manner by the media… even though the reality is that they have.  They don’t travel, they don’t eat healthy and they are overwhelmingly “Christian.”

They are also, apparently, stupid enough to believe Trump’s claim that President Obama founded ISIS, which is ridiculous for many reasons including that the person who actually founded it was starting Jihads long before President Obama was born.

The fact this many ignorant people take surveys explains a lot.  It explains why so many good television shows get cancelled and stupid shit like American Idol and Duck Dynasty stay on.  It explains why so many foods at the store are unhealthy (74000 people in the survey overwhelmingly chose unhealthy over healthy)  and why we don’t have better gun laws.

Basically it told me that intelligent people need to take more surveys and stop letting a small sample of ignorance make the decisions for the rest of us.