Curse of Strahd D&D 5e (Week One)

I started my Curse of Strahd (Ravenloft) campaign on Saturday. The characters are an… interesting… bunch of wandering adventurers patterned after the Vikings.

They’ve made it to Barovia, after a slight miss-step at the gates (its just a wall, G) and investigated Mad Mary (where they basically declined to investigate her missing daughter, Thor does not approve), got into a fight with the local merchant’s nephew (big, dumb, obviously there to be antagonized) before finally reaching the Burgomeister’s home.

There they met the beautiful Ireena, short on memory but long on spirit. During the night they protected her from the ravening werewolf and bat horde, showing no fear in the face of overwhelming odds (and only surviving by a series of very lucky die rolls and the intervention of a paladin). Sadly, Ismark lost a leg in the fight and will not be accompanying the rest of the heroes on their quest any further. He loaned his sword to the valiant warrior Bin and will await their return.

Stay Tuned!