Baker Street Fetish Mysteries

The Underground Fetish Scene. To most, it is merely a collection of oddities, from piercing and body modification to leather, latex and pain.

For Locke Holmes and Jena Watson, it’s home. They call their club Bmystery-of-the-black-dove-ebook-full-sizeaker Street, a place where nearly anything and everything fetish is welcome, where the most powerful men in America submit to their wildest fantasies in the deep dungeons, school marms let their hair down and their heels up and fashion models get those barely there piercings glimpsed in photo spreads.

But within the halls and mazes beneath Chicago lie mysteries, cases no vanilla police detective would dare touch. When the son of a lucrative client is found butchered behind a scene club, Locke and Watson are the only ones who care enough to investigate. But what is the Black Dove, and what does it have to do with the gruesome death of Chase Greene?

Baker Street: The Mystery of the Black Dove
Erotic Fetish Tales

Heating Things Up Winter 2016
Cover by Bex and Dreams2Media