When a woman, her face cut off and her body defiled, is found dead at the edge of The Dark, the case is assigned to Special Agent Raven Storm of Section 13.

The victim, a vacationing lawyer named Domino Carmichael, lived a normal life. She worked as a public defender, kept her nose clean and appears to have had no preternatural contacts. By all accounts she was as vanilla as they come.

Why, then, did she write three occult symbols in her own blood as she lay dying? And what is her connection to the four other victims, all players in an alternative reality game?

 As Raven and her partner Rupert Levac dig deeper, they find themselves embroiled in something far more sinister than simple murder. Something dark, where blood is only the beginning.

Night Ravennightraven-ebook-full
The Blood is calling. Can you hear it?
Coming 10/31/16