Introducing Angel

Cry Havoc: A Story of the Angel Diaries.

October 31

Dear Diary.

Tonight started out as just a normal vamp-hunt.  It went like you’d expect, I put the skeeter back in the ground and released an innocent soul from hell.  But then I went to this party…

Angel unwrapped a piece of bubblegum and popped it into her mouth.  Grape wasn’t her favorite flavor, but it would have to do.  Hanging out in a cemetery was bad enough, spending the night with grave dirt in her nose wasn’t going to happen.  Not this Samhain, anyway.

She pushed the gum against the back of her teeth and moved through the gravestones.  The grass was wet against her boots and made a swish sound as she moved.  It was so deep here at the far end of the cemetery that her jeans were wet above her boot tops.  She ignored the soggy feeling and vaulted another headstone to stand on top of a square tomb.  Beside it was a fresh grave, no more than a few days old.  The headstone read “Wade Torres, Lived, Died.”  There were dates, but they didn’t matter.  Wade hadn’t died from normal causes, he’d been killed by a vampire and been categorized as the victim of an animal attack because reality was too complicated for the cops.  He’d been among the dead for a fortnight, which meant he was due to rise on the next full moon.  Tonight.

Angel looked at the grave.  “Come on, Wade, I haven’t got all night.”

There was no response.  Not that she’d expected one, the undead were notorious for never being on time, even to their own funerals.  She sank down and sat on the edge of the concrete tomb.  It felt cold, even through her jeans, but it was better than pacing back and forth until Wade’s pop-up timer went off.

Part of the Women of Horror anthology coming January 2017