Wounds and Love

This country is wounded. Its divided and I don’t just mean the election. All the election has done is show us just how far apart we’ve grown.

I’m guilty. I’ve lived in many small towns and a variety of cities. I prefer cities, where there are more LGBT people. Where I can practice my religion without fear.

Because of the bad things I have experienced, I look at people in small towns disdainfully. I’ve made no effort to make friends because I’m afraid of them. I don’t want to be called names or be rejected.

Its never occurred to me, until now, that they are afraid, too. I’m different than what they’re used to. I’m a six foot tall blonde in leather pants. I’ve got a gun on my hip and a pentagram around my neck. I fly an American flag with a Pride flag. I drive a flashy blue car, listen to heavy metal and play drums at 3:00am. If you’re from small town America, that shit is weird. Scary.

Both sides need to stop judging and I’m not known for being a coward. So let’s do this.

My name is Skye. If you want or need a friend, I’m here. I’m happy to answer questions about being gay, Wicca, or just plain odd.

Our country needs to heal or this divide will get worse. We won’t survive as a nation. Here is my hand. Where’s yours?